Why a Bangkok Food Tour?

Wondering where to explore and eat in Bangkok? Why not do both and go on a Bangkok food tour! Bangkok has one of the most diverse and unique food cultures in the world. With a population of nearly 8.3 million, there are thousands of food destinations to choose from. As a result, it is easy to feel lost and overwhelmed for choice. If you are unsure where to eat, where is safe to eat, or just want to know where the locals go, a Bangkok food tour is the best choice. It’s through food tours that you can truly experience the best of Bangkok food and experience the culture.

Why a food tour?

I bet you’re wondering why you spend your hard-earned money on food tours in Bangkok? Couldn’t you just get recommendations from hotels and travel pages? This may be true, but most people wish to taste local, authentic food when visiting Bangkok. Unfortunately, most hotels and big travel sites can’t give you an authentic recommendation as many have partnerships with touristy, big-ticket restaurants. As a result, a food tour can let you eat where the locals eat and experience first-hand the vibrant local foods and culture. 

The food is truly authentic

A Bangkok food tour can make your trip that much more special. You can get a lot from talking to your tour guide over a meal. You’ll get a unique insight into local life and the history of the area all while immersing yourself in the vibrant streets of Bangkok. You’re are paying for so much more than just food. You are paying for a cultural experience. 

Bar-hopping and night-life  tours are the perfect way escape the heat of Thailand and experience Thai life. Bangkok bar and food tours are a perfect way to see where the locals favourite drinking spots are.

However, If you want to truly feel like a local, a Local Table tour is a great option. These food tours are led by a local who will teach you about the food, culture and landmarks in Bangkok. Furthermore, you’ll get to meet the people behind the local restaurants and eat with them. Some tours include a visit to the home of your local guide where you learn to make authentic Thai in their kitchen. This is a fun and safe way to eat authentic food, where you know exactly what is in the food and where it was sourced from. 

Here’s a link to their site: https://www.takemetour.com/localtable

The price

A bonus is the price. Restaurants targeting tourists usually inflate the prices of food and alcohol. It feels like it’ll cost you an arm and a leg to get a decent sized meal! Eating locally on a Bangkok food tour means you get bang for your buck. You’ll eat local food, at local prices in much bigger portions. 

For the ultimate saver, there are food tours available that allow you to visit more than one location and try a vast array of different foods.

A popular choice in Bangkok is a cafe-hopping tour. Here, you’ll visit handful of cafes and try different types of local coffee. You also leave the tour with a wealth of new information about how coffee is made in Thailand. 

Here are a few links to our favourites:




So much choice

You get spoilt for choice on food tours in Bangkok. Are you a vegan? Vegetarian? Halal? Love seafood? Hate seafood? Lucky for you, Bangkok has an incredibly diverse range of food choices . In fact, you would struggle to find a street in Bangkok that doesn’t have at least one restaurant on it. A Bangkok food tour can accommodate your food preferences and tastes, so you can live out your foodie dreams the way you want. 

Many food tours in Bangkok take you to food heaven as you restaurant-hop and decide which dish you like best.

Bangkok market tours are the easiest way to experience Thai culture and enjoy a smorgasbord of food in one area. A food tour in this area is perfect to try a wide range of authentic Thai food and drink. With a Bangkok food tour, you’ll be feeling like a local as you take in the vibrant sights and smells of the fresh food and local produce. You’ll be able to choose exactly what you want to eat under the guidance of someone who knows all the hidden gems of the area.